Xbox introduces Netflix for gaming?

Update: This is how Xbox Game Pass looks like on Xbox One

And a new tab called Membership has also been added, it shows all the games you have available right now under that membershipRave Plays Screenshot 2017-02-28 23-25-46.png


Original Article: Major Nelson and Phil Spencer just tweeted the same thing, Xbox Game Pass

Which is, in a picture, this

What is Xbox Game Pass? Is it included in Xbox Live Gold? How similar is it to PS Now? And the most important thing, can I get it for PC?

Well, the answers to that is simple, let me explain what is Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a service that will be available to Xbox One users sometime later this Spring, which cost US$9.99 and allows you to play Xbox One/Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One and no, it’s not included in your already paid for Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Live Gold has bunch of services, like dedicated servers to Xbox Live & 4 Free Games every month.

You might be thinking “Wait, this sounds like Sony’s PlayStation Now” and that’s what I thought first too but then my questions were answered. You don’t stream the game from their server (OMG YES!) but instead you download the game directly  into your Xbox One, so it’s perfect connection  because the game is IN your console.

Before I explain more about the service, PC gamers, I’m sorry but the service is only available on Xbox One and not on PC (Maybe in the future)

Xbox Game Pass also gives you discount on the game that’s available on the service so that you can own the game forever, you might wanna do that too because the games will be under the same rotation style of Netflix.

That’s right, the games are all in rotation that come and go, so you can consider it a trial with a way longer time length.

That’s pretty much it but if you are a Xbox Live Gold member when it comes out, you will have priority access to the service before anyone else. If you are part of the Preview Alpha (Like me!) you can access it today!

What do you think of the service? Let us know in the comments below!

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