Rockstar Games at Gamescom??

Sure as hell looks like it! A source told us today that Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar & 2K will be at Gamescom this year for some reason. Currently it’s not known why but it seems like it might be to either announce Red Dead Redemption 2 or maybe just to support 2K’s Mafia 3.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been rumored to be announcing soon because of the sudden announcement of Red Dead Redemption being backward compatible for Xbox One but as of now, it’s unknown yet.

If they are going there to announce a game, it should be Red Dead Redemption 2 because according to our source, Grand Theft Auto 6 is most likely not coming out anytime soon because Rockstar Games is currently more focused on Grand Theft Auto Online


It seems like Rockstar Games has been putting more effort into GTA Online, releasing more GTA Online content for the next 2 years or so.

Rockstar North is the only team that makes GTA Games currently under the Rockstar banner and they have not started working on a new GTA game but they do have plans to make a new GTA game soon.

Rockstar San Diego, developers of the Red Dead series however seem to be working on a known IP and this could be Red Dead but they have worked on GTA V so, it might just be for another GTA Online DLC update.

Do you think that Rockstar is gonna announce Red Dead 2 at Gamescom? Let us know in the comments!

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Where to find Pokemon on Pokemon Go? Here!

Ok it’s crazy but someone out there made a website (and apps) that tell you exactly where Pokemons in Pokemon Go appear and let me tell you, it’s freaking insanely detailed!

Heck, it even tells you locations that Pokemon Go doesn’t exist! I know cause my country (Singapore) doesn’t have Pokemon Go at the time of this writing.

Here’s a picture from the website

Screenshot (32).png

It’s crazy insane! I bet lots of you will love this and guess what, they have an iOS app on the app store but as of now, there isn’t an Android app but as of this writing, they said the Android app will be out sometime tonight on their Facebook page

Pokemon Go has certainly taken over the world (or places it has released) and looks like, all the trainers are getting more help with their adventures.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Xbox One S comes out in August 2nd

It’s official! August 2nd was officially announced by Major Nelson and you can pre-order it right now at Amazon. It starts at US$299 for 500GB to US$399 for 2TB

Speaking of the Xbox One S, the first limited edition for the first slim console on the 8th Generation will be given to the upcoming Gears of War 4 and it looks great!


The Gears of War 4 edition comes with the new Xbox One controller that has textured grips, bluetooth (for Windows 10 connection) and increased range.

The Xbox One S itself isn’t just a slim model, it has some upgrades itself!

The Xbox One S is 40% smaller without the annoying power brick…..that’s right, the power brick is now INSIDE, it has High Dynamic Range making games look nicer and nicer and IR Blaster for the TV…that’s right, more TV and yes, the Xbox One S does have 4K but it’s not for gaming, it’s for videoapps like Netflix and Hulu Plus

Are you excited for the Xbox One S??? Let us know in the comments!