No Fallout Console Digital Pre-Order in Asia?!

That’s right folks! If you go to an Asian version of the Xbox Game Store or PlayStation Store, looks like the pre-orders are not coming at all.

Currently Steam has it for S$79.90 but looks like the console versions aren’t getting that but hold on, that’s not it. The pipboy edition won’t be even sold in Asia (Unless your local retailer ships it from US)

If you check your Xbox Game Store for Fallout 4, you will get this

But clicking on “Bundle Only” will redirect you to this screen

For the PlayStation, it’s much worse! You cant’t even find the game. Trying to search for Fallout will actually just stop you at Fall


Why you can’t pre-order Fallout 4 digitally on your console game store in Asia is unknown. When reached out to PlayStation Asia, they simply replied “Fallout 4 cannot be pre-ordered in Asia”

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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