Batman kill people??

No no, this article is not “OMG Batman will start killing people in the next issue of the batman comics!!”
Rather, he was seen “snapping” the neck of a….superman guard? Check out this screen grab from the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer


What the fu….

Ok, that looks like three things

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us story with Superman’s regime???
2. Is that soviet batman from Red Son??

3. Or just like what this dude on cinemablend comment section said
Screenshot (4)

Whatever it is, after watching this trailer

I actually have faith in Ben Affleck as the old batman getting pissed of at Superman for almost killing a little girl in the middle of Metropolis while fighting General Zod!

Oh man, that’s a mouthful but it’s worth it! You don’t need to wait too long now, the movie comes out in March 26th 2016

If you like to check it out, Cinema Blend did a way more detailed version of this story



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