Valve gonna add “Pay What You Want” option to Steam Workshop

Mods, they are the topic. This article is a two part so read the entire thing and judge right after that, even vote on the poll below. Here we go with Part 1 of the article

Gabe Newell announced that Valve will be adding a donation like system to Steam Workshop, instead of the modder forcing you to pay for the mod, the modder can simply ask for a donation of whatever amount you can muster up.

Newell took part in a Reddit AMA recently and in it, he was asked, what would Valve do if a game developer limited game modding to the Steam Workkshop and he replied

Pretty reluctant to tell any developer that they have to do something or they can’t do something

but also in Newell fashion, he said

We’d be happy to tell developers that we think they are being dumb

He also mentions that Valve would make sure that modders will have their mods safe if anyone tries to rip off someone’s work.

That’s part 1, this part is totally my point of view in this Modding For Money scenario, here we go

Mods, they keep a game’s longevity there even though they run out of style. They sometimes fix games and other times, basically keep those games afloat and we all love mods but should we pay for that?

Let’s face it, we pay money for a game and that game took years to make (sometimes) and a huge team and budget but mods, they mostly come from this one person or a group of them who know coding and stuffs and we are grateful but seeing as, we don’t really need mods to keep us entertained, doesn’t really matter in this generation.

Sure, the game is much more fun, like GTA IV for example


This Iron Man mod was the most famous mod ever but if this mod cost you $1.99, would you get it?
Sure, you can say “Yea I would, a DLC cost me around that or even more!” but those DLCs have contents made by a team dedicated for the game.

For example, GTA IV had two main DLCs and they are The Lost and The Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony and those DLCs had new cars and new story gameplay but this Iron Man mod has…..well Iron Man and the UI (Stark Tower if you download that mod too), which would you pay for?

One thing good from this is the fact that paying Modders means you can expect the best mods and WORKING mods but just because you pay someone doesn’t mean you get it working.

Remember games like The Stomping Land? They went quiet after releasing early access version of that game and it was all but done.

Pay What You Want is a good thing to add so that you can thank the modders but I think it should be more like “Pay If You Want” because you shouldn’t be forced to pay extra on something that’s not even official. This isn’t a straight up no to mods and paying for mods but more of, we should be allowed to give the option to pay if we want on something that technically isn’t even official.

Here’s a poll for you to say yes, maybe or no to paying for mods

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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