WWE 2K15 Path of the Warrior DLC leaked?

2K will be announcing the Path of the Warrior release date at WrestleMania Axxess but PS4 gamers in the US got the DLC leaked out for them and they were able to get the DLC for…..awhile.

2K’s Marcus Stephenson said

In preparation for its upcoming release, the WWE 2K15 Path of the Warrior downloadable content pack was uploaded by accident to the SCEA store. During this brief time period, consumers had access to acquire the content

It was an error that has been rectified.

We have no idea what he meant by rectified but we assume the content is locked in your game still.

Path of the Warrior 2K Showcase is expected to be released on March 31st as it would mark the One Year Anniversary since Warrior’s death.


In other news, Zack Ryder recently confirmed to be scanned for WWE 2K16 as he tweeted out

Zack Ryder was left out for WWE 2K15 with reasons that he was not an active member in the roster and also injury played another part but we suspect the active roster part as CM Punk left the company when 2K made the game and didn’t scan him.

When asked by a fan last August if he was in the game, even he had no clue if he was in

Zack Ryder also got scanned for a Martel figurine at the same time he scanned for WWE 2K16

So, what do you think about the leak and Zack Ryder added into the game next year? Let us know in the comments!


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