Nintendo wants all your YouTube money

Nintendo has more problems with YouTubers instead of solutions. Nintendo looks to have a very weird and interesting policy to it’s YouTube agreement recently.


That’s the face you will be seeing more in YouTube videos that contain Nintendo gameplay videos unless the YouTuber listens to Nintendo and do what they say.

That’s right, Nintendo is at it again to make sure they control their stuff. Nintendo seems to be giving copyright strikes on videos that, one, doesn’t have an agreement or two, has an agreement with them but doesn’t listen to them and upload what they say is ok.

Trying to dispute (Something you can do if you think that you aren’t at wrong) will only lengthen your time before you do get the copyright strike.

Another thing that Nintendo has also put out that you can only do Let’s Play videos on games that they select.

Looks like Nintendo is in more hot water than it started with. This will certainly make YouTubers move away from Nintendo products as much as they can.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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