Kingdom Hearts 3 coming soon?

Disney announced on their site and recently, Tetsuya Nomura confirmed to leave Final Fantasy development later this year to work on Kingdom Hearts 3.

Disney wrote on their site

To celebrate D23 Expo 2015 Japan, a Kingdom Hearts fan event will be held on November 3 at Cinema Ikspiari, Tokyo Disney Resort. Program information for the event, Kingdom Hearts―The Theater (working title), will be posted on the official Disney website starting in late April.



It’s still unconfirmed if Kingdom Hearts 3 will come out in 2015 or even 2016 but more information on the game will be available in November this year so certainly not anytime soon.

Also another thing in speculations is that Marvel and Star Wars characters might actually appear in Kingdom Hearts 3. Rumors is that Nomura approached to use Star Wars and Marvel characters but Marvel has turned him down on the idea but he still has that idea to use them.

On Star Wars end, there hasn’t been any negative comments towards using them from Square Enix or Disney so Star Wars world might be the only new one you will see that’s not directly from Disney.

New worlds confirmed include Frozen.

What new worlds do you want to see? Let us know in the comments below!


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