Bloodborne’s PS4 importance is invaluable says Sony

Alright, Sony came out and said that the game, Bloodborne is invaluable to PS4 when it comes to importance  to the console.
Makes sense seeing how The Order: 1886 didn’t go exactly as how Sony wanted it to go

PlayStation UK product manager, Joe Palmer said in an interview

“[T]he Souls games are phenomenally popular, so ensuring that fans are aware of the common ground they share with Bloodborne is a vital part of our strategy,”

“However, it’s not just the similarities with previous From Software games that we want to communicate,”

“How Bloodborne differs from the Souls series will be at the forefront of our communications.”

“Bloodborne provides a great chance for us to tap into a highly engaged audience and provide an invaluable contribution to PS4.”

With Destiny’s lifespan coming to it’s end, Uncharted 4 delayed till 2016 and The Order: 1886 not doing as well as predicted, Sony might have it’s handful promoting this game to the maximum that it can.

Remember the last time PlayStation deemed a game’s importance to PS4 invaluable? That was Destiny and they promoted it so much that they actually bought advertising rights to the game.

Will Bloodborne do well? According to other games by From Software, it looks like this game is going to do well, even without much advertising.


One thought on “Bloodborne’s PS4 importance is invaluable says Sony

  1. Karl Weller says:

    It’s a pretty damn good game too which helps, even though my brief demonstration proved how inept I was at even the most simplistic of actions. Such as dodging, attacking or even the altering of the camera!


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