Alan Wake Xbox One Remaster Confirmed?

Yep, pretty much looks like it. Microsoft recently send out a survey asking normal questions to “improve” the Xbox One experience but it seems like they literally asked if we would want an Alan Wake remake for Xbox One.

In the survey, one question asked if we would recommend Alan Wake to our friends or family


Ok, maybe that one we can take with a pinch of salt BUT the next one literally spills the beans


What would motivate us to pre-order Quantum Break? How about a making-off or maybe a chance to win a trip to Rememdy Studios in Finland…….or how about a free copy of ALAN WAKE XBOX ONE REMASTERED EDITION?!

Alright Microsoft, we get it. Personally, I enjoyed Alan Wake on the Xbox 360 and I would love to have a free copy of Alan Wake Remastered Edition but this totally confirms the remastered edition being made.

What do you think? Alan Wake Remastered Edition worth the buy/pre-order?


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