Kid spends $4,500 on FIFA 15

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. A kid spent $4,500 on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team using his father’s credit card.
His father, Jeremy Hillman wrote on his blog that his son had bought virtual FIFA player packs every month with each pack costing about $109 and the billings kept going back to few months. Sometimes, his son would even buy two packs a day.


When Hillman found out, he saw that he was paying Microsoft and thought the renewal of his Office 365 payment was wrong so he contacted them about it but the Microsoft customer service personnel directed him to his son’s Xbox Live account and he was shocked to find all the payments for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

When he confronted his son about this, his son confessed that he used his father’s credit card details that was left in his account when his father bought him the digital version of FIFA 15.

Although he acknowledges that he should have monitored what his son was doing on his console, he also points to Microsoft for not having an effective preventive measure to ensure that this will not happen as he points to Apple, saying that they have the password system if you want to buy/download something.

Hillman says that while a loss of $4,500 is hard to take in, it’s not hard to earn back as he can forgo some luxuries but the same could not be said for other families and many are facing this problem, not just because of video games but mainly because of purchases made on multiple devices in online stores.

What do you think of this? Should the father be responsible for these actions or should online stores be held responsibles for these actions?


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