1214 is quite a scare

Not only when you play the game but also when you are not

The game is 1214 (We assume that’s a room number) and it doesn’t take a press of a button on your keyboard to on the in-game flashlight, it takes your real life phone to do that. That’s right, your real life phone and the game haunts your phone even when you are not playing the game. The Developers are Vyretrux Games from Madrid and they explained

“1214 is a psychological horror video game where your own cellphone is your worst enemy. With your phone being the indispensable requirement to enjoy this adventure, we can offer new forms of gaming never before seen thanks to the numerous possibilities that smartphones can offer. So that, the development of new puzzles using the vibration of the phone, strange calls… the possibilities are almost endless. Plus, although you aren’t playing on your PC, that doesn’t mean the game can’t keep playing with you”

The game is on Steam and has yet to greenlight but if anything should greenlight, it should be 1214 as the game is very innovative and interesting.
The developers are making something very special and maybe horrific in real life.
Imagine hearing a scream from your phone while inside a meeting, that would be really horrible and scary for you personally.


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