GTA Online is down!

Yup! The servers of Grand Theft Auto Online is down and it has been down since 10pm (Singapore time) last night.

Our team tried to get online and play abit of Heist last night and it seems like, uploading an image is a difficult task, let alone downloading the heist mission.
Rockstar tweeted this earlier on the issue

Seems like not only are they getting tweets from gamers, Xbox Support is also getting bombarded by tweets

As of this writing, the servers are still down  and it’s unknown when it’s expected to go back online. This brings us back to the time when GTA Online first launched, GTA Online had so much connectivity issues too. Seems like Rockstar Games wasn’t expecting another overload of servers. We wonder what will the fate of the PC version of GTA Online and Heist be, will Rockstar Games learn from this or will this incident repeat?

Screenshot (57)
Rockstar Servers as of 9:00AM Singapore Time


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