Nintendo selling refurbished Wii U?!

It’s totally true! Official online Nintendo store is coming out selling refurbished Wii U with Nintendo Land and Super Mario 3D World for only USD $255, it’s a steal I tell ya!

Screenshot (52)
There is a but here, the console won’t be the new and delightful looking one as it is refurbished, the console would most likely be coming out from the repair line (Assuming Nintendo doesn’t buy back it’s consoles) and that means, it’s got that slight dent or “bruise” but that is totally worth the price tag right?

That price tag is the console and the game, just imagine the amount you are saving considering the new consoles are at the price of at least USD$400

What do you think? Would you buy a refurbished console? Let us know!


One thought on “Nintendo selling refurbished Wii U?!

  1. Darsh says:

    Wouldn’t refurbished means they at least changed the casing if there are any dents? Not that plastic can really be dented, in any case.


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